The Benefits of Using Commercial Property Management Software

When seeking commercial property management software, whether you are responsible for retail space or office complexes, it is important to consider a variety of factors. The best software should have all of the following qualities if you want to increase efficiency and be cost-effective:

1. The ability to include as many properties, buildings and units in your database as you need. Being able to sufficiently organize and address specific aspects of the property and rental you manage is absolutely crucial, and commercial property management software that limits this capacity should be avoided.

2. The ability to use commercial property management software to post common area maintenance charges according to your specific needs, based on the criteria that you select.

3. The ability to categorize your ledger by tenant, building, rental unit and owner, and implement changes on each separately. This feature gives you the flexibility to keep accurate and specific records in your database.

4. The ability to make payments by writing checks with your commercial property management software on your computer screen, so that you can make payments to vendors or owners expediently and without any additional hassle.

5. The ability set up Automatic Clearing House (ACH) to make payments as well as accept payments from tenants online, all fully incorporated and merged with the rest of the database automatically.

6. The ability to use a safe and secure commercial property management software program that functions separately from the Internet, which prevents downtime that often happens when servers overload or slow down.

7. The ability to send emails and accept payments online through your software program, integrating your database with online capabilities without having all of the information hanging together on a remote online server.

8. The ability to create legal agreements and forms with your commercial property management software effortlessly, based upon the specifications of your tenant or vendor.

Reasonably priced commercial property management software that meets this criteria can be used for all kinds of commercial properties, including retail outlets, shopping centers, strip malls, office parks, warehouses, storage facilities, business campuses, large corporate buildings and downtown offices. The ability to organize your properties and tenants efficiently and conduct almost all the necessary accounting through your database and online is well worth the cost. It is also far easier than the old pen-and-paper method, and is often far more efficient than using online databases or overpriced systems that are ultimately inefficient.