Property Management Software – Protect Your Rental Property

As your rental property business grows, so does the need for a property management software system. Historically it has been the desire for more in-depth financial information that drives a property manager or landlord to abandon simple accounting software for property management software.

Today it is more important than ever for all property managers to use the same type of web based property management software as the larger asset management companies. There is more pressure to find reliable, rent paying tenants, with the possibility of an increased need for tenant debt collections, and the ever-looming threat of tenant landlord litigation.

Even with the best market outlook, the need to screen your prospective tenants is the top priority. Today’s online tenant credit screening services allow you to access credit and criminal background information in minutes. With an integrated system, tenant screening information is automatically downloaded into your residential property management database. Later, you can review tenant payment history and property maintenance history and make smart decisions about lease management.

Providing tenants with online rent payment options, such as ACH or credit cards, helps to lower delinquencies and keep rental income at its optimum level. With integrated rental property management software, electronic rent payments reduce accounting errors and data entry, and trips to the bank. Automatic scheduled rent payments ensure that rent is received on time and eliminate past due balances.

With bad debt potentially on the rise, automated tenant debt collection services will also prove invaluable to property managers and landlords. The best property management softwares offer integrated access to national debt collections companies. These are the same programs that larger apartment management companies have been using for years.

Of course, some of these online property management services are available separately. Yet integrating all of these tools with one point of data entry can protect you from another, even more alarming threat-tenant landlord litigation. No matter how unjustified, the mere whisper of a lawsuit is enough to terrify any property manager. While litigation is a serious concern for real estate firms of all sizes, it can be particularly frightening for the small property management company which lacks the legal team of a regional or national real estate management firm.

Tenant credit screening services provide a valuable resource by providing a consistent, accepted process for making the best decisions. When you use quantitative tools for rejecting a tenant, you can be more confident in the leasing decisions you make. More importantly, having one database will help ensure all rental application data is captured and no mistakes are made.

What about cost? Historically cost has been a barrier to this type of software used by larger companies; today the web makes access to new online solutions much more cost effective. In many cases these online services, as well as services like internet listings and electronic rent payments, can be included in one low monthly fee. Hardware, server, upgrades, extra licenses, and other costs are eliminated as well, leading to considerable cost and time savings.

As the internet has been the great leveler across many industries, all rental property managers can now afford the property management accounting software that larger real estate management companies have been using for decades. The affordability of web based software is a trend with a positive impact on all professional property managers and owners. Property management systems no longer have to be reserved for the larger companies with deep pockets. They can be used by anyone with a computer and an internet connection who wants to protect their real estate investment.